Uncomfortable Growth

How are your choices today contributing to your growth and development?

Every day we wake up we have a new opportunity to take action towards what's really important to us.

Are you spending your time on what is important to you?

Even though you may be good at something or many things, are they the wrong things?

What are the actions that really matter?


Too often we wakeup, respond and react to the events that come our way throughout the day. What if we adjusted to our perspective, set an intention to advance and move forward with purposeful action? 

Let's explore a few ways

What is your trajectory?

Trajectory by definition is the path followed by a projectile flying or an object moving under the action of given forces. Where there is movement, there is progress towards a target or destination. I am cautious to use the word destination because that suggests that we will arrive. What happens when we arrive? Maybe you relax, stop trying, check-out....the journey is complete...we're done. Rather than our journey  to the destination, what if our action moves us towards the next waypoint: a place or point between major points on a route. Consider the "major points" as the day we were born and the day we die.

With this in mind, what is your trajectory?

What's the direction you're heading?

Where is the waypoint that will take you one step further on the path of your journey towards what's most important to you?

How does your yesterday inform today?

What happened yesterday that you were proud of?

What would you want more of? less of?

Yesterday's lessons inform today's preparedness. While we may set goals and intentions, we don't know what tomorrow will hold, so don't worry about it. Too often we complain there isn't enough time and we are discouraged by the slow progress towards goals and aspirations. The idea of Continuous Improvement, to seek "incremental" improvement over time, is familiar to many of us. Maybe only in a work setting. Consider this holistically, what would it look like fuel our overall growth by continuous improvement? One of the best ways is to reflect and learn from the past. Put together continuous improvement with yesterday's experiences and we've got some really relevant experience to improve from.

How do you reflect and learn from past experiences?

What choices do you have?

The choices and challenges we have been given this year are overwhelming at times. Whatever the challenge, big and small, we can feel stuck feeling it's forced upon us and seek survival mode.

My challenge to all of us is to consider what choices do we have?

When something isn't going our way, we still have a choice. How to respond. How to react. What action to take. Each of these, whether we realize it or not, are in rooted in our values and motivations. What gives you joy? What are you passionate about? What's consistent about these? What are the expectations that we have of ourselves? For me, the expectations I place on myself are high, sometimes too high that when I miss them, it can send me into a downward spiral.  What if we expected ourselves to step up into what may be uncomfortable and step forward into a choice that we do have, even though we may not be certain of the impact or outcome.

What's your trajectory?

How can yesterday inform today and regardless of the circumstance, motivate us to make a choice to live from our values and motivations?

Maybe these sound simple to you, like they do to me. if they're so simple, what holds us back from doing them consistently? 

What action will you take today that will propel you forward towards uncomfortable growth and development?

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