Beat the Rush

Maybe you're looking at the rest of this year waiting impatiently for 2021 to arrive hoping it will be better. Maybe you've taken the curveballs of this year and embraced what has been made possible.

I hope and trust that as you enter the last few months of this year, that they will propel you into your best year ever, whatever the circumstance.

Often we wait till Christmas time to reflect and celebrate the year and then New Years comes quickly as a time where many resolutions are made and while some are sustained, many are not. New Years is just another day on the calendar and instead of feeling the rush to make a list of resolutions, my challenge to you is to beat the rush of a new year.

How do you want to finish 2020 and start 2021?

Reflect, review and plan.

Block some time, list out the highlights of 2020. Use your calendar and pictures to help trigger some memories. As you reflect, consider how the events served you - maybe it was negative -  regardless, what can be learned from it? What was made possible?

Review your 2020 goals - what have you achieved? How do you want these goals to influence the rest of this year? How about 2021? Maybe you didn't set goals or hate the idea of goals. If you're looking for some insights and ideas on goal setting, I'd recommend the following article from James Clear (author of Atomic Habits): Goal Setting: A Scientific Guide to Setting and Achieving Goals and Focus On This Podcast. I have found breaking down the goals into life domains (10 AREAS OF LIFE YOU MUST PAY ATTENTION TO) to be helpful in reducing the sense of overwhelm and focusing the goals.

What have you learned about yourself? With the above completed, what do you want to do differently?

While there's a quarter of the year remaining, let's finish strong. Step out of the crowd, take action today to finish 2020 strong, start 2021 with momentum and beat the rush.

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